Different Dental Equipment, Tools And Instruments And Their Uses

Published: 16th August 2011
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Dental equipment and instruments are a dentist's help in oral care and restoring our oral wellness. Without these instruments, a dentist will totally be helpless. These are tools that function differently according to their own purposes. They are specifically used in the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of oral diseases and other oral conditions.

Tooth cleaning equipment and instruments include scalpels, scalers and curettes, hoes and files, disposable dental knives and different types of chisels. These dental equipment are usually made of stainless steel to support durability and longevity of usage.

There are also different dental equipment used in every stage of an oral procedure. There are diagnostic instruments used for diagnosis to determine the condition of one's oral health. They include cotton pliers, mouth mirror, probes and explorers. I am sure you have seen some of these instruments when you had your teeth checked by your dentist. Cotton pliers are used to place cottons in the mouth to dry up saliva. Mouth mirrors are used to look at hard-to-see areas and surfaces in our mouth like our mouth's roof, the area behind our molars and other regions which are hard to view. Explorers and probes are used to detect dental caries and depth of periodontal pockets. During restoration procedures there are also a different set of dental equipment used. Amalgam carriers are used to carry amalgam from trays to the patient's mouth. Burnishers are used to smoothen out amalgam fillings. Excavators are used to remove tooth decay. High speed and slow speed hand piece or commonly known as drills are used to remove tooth decay from the teeth. Carvers are used for carving the amalgam filling into the shape of the tooth. Pluggers are then used to place amalgams in place. For surgical procedures, another set of instruments are used. Retractors are used to hold the cheeks and tongue out of the way. Extraction forceps are used to remove tooth or teeth. Scalpels are used to incise gums. Surgical sutures are used to suture tissue together. Scissors are used to cut tissue and surgical sutures. Needle holders are used to hold needle while suturing.

These dental tools are used for different purposes and can be used repeatedly after sterilization. Some are disposable and must not be recycled to be used for other patients. The life span of these instruments depends on the care, usage and kind of sterilization. Sterilization prevents the spread of diseases and kills bacteria from previous usage. A dentist's hygiene and cleanliness practice is also very important to his patient's health.

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